'A New Beginning'

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As a girl their were two pictures in our house that had a massive impact in the development of  my work and the way I view life today.

The first was a low relief carving of 'The Last Supper', an image that captivated me with its dark row of disciples and Jesus as the focal point, the sinister long table with its humble feast. Together suggesting that some powerful/sacrificial change was about to take place.

The second image was a painting above my mum and dads bed by L. S Lowry. A man with a brief case laid on a brick wall overlooking the industrial dirty city. His brief case led me to believe he was important! I believed (still believe!) he'd given up on his old life as the gaps inside him were still too vast to believe that his way was the right way. So he laid on the wall as a metaphor for change and new direction to achieve some fulfilment.

The concept of powerful people at a table with such a humble feast and the man on the  long wall almost symbolising that sacrificial change of life for 'the greater good' will always be a major influence on my thinking and my art work.

'A New Beginning' brings together all of the above however a pregnant female replaces the supper and the dissatisfied man thus communicating the baseline of common ground that accesses an indisputable and frequently lost Truth.


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