harvest detail 1.jpg
harvest detail.jpg

Harvest was inspired by the never ending cycle and imbalance of wrong decisions made by so few human beings, however with so much power and misguided, blind and ignorant authority… namely politicians, whose methods result in causing fear and pain for the rest of Humanity, yet ironically the balance is usually restored back in to society, thanks to the selfless hard work and sacrifice of so many other ordinary human beings.

The figures dangling from threads are the people who need a wake up call and a taste of their own consequences of their decisions made. They dangle without control and struggle to be heard, hence their mouths full of teeth trying to express what they need. Teeth fall out of their mouths and are harvested by ordinary people trying to make the best of what the ‘powers that be’ have left for them……intrinsically, a painful mess!

Never the less, the people bend over backwards, stand upside down and will try any possible physical bodily position to restore care, respect and understanding and grow their crops to feed each other and restore morality.

©Bridget Adams. 2017 All rights reserved.