'For the love of Humanity and the Rest!'

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Inspired by humanities plight caused by fear and ignorance over religious identities, For the love of Humanity and the Rest above all else. The multitude of garbs and crowns reflect the many different 'truths' which exist however as flesh and blood we stand together looking in the same direction of honour and respect. Some stand closely together and others with space, yet still facing the same direction.....expressing the potential of Humanity at its greatest.

The structure which houses the people is inspired by a piece of iconostasis painted in the early 19th century of the Palekh School of Art.

The beauty, warmth and innocence which is evident in the flat 2 dimensional qualities seems to be the perfect place to house Humanity.


Minature Palekh School Russian Icon from the Russian Museum of Icons.

©Bridget Adams. 2017 All rights reserved.

Bridget Adams (b. 1968)

Pride, 2017

Hand drawn and mixed media

Size 31.25cm by 12.73cm